Soccer EyeQ - Developing Vision and Awareness Vol. 1

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$ 49.95

This unique coaching DVD offers you an insight to training methods previously only available on the highest coaching awards in Europe, and at the elite levels of the game.

In soccer, almost everything players do and almost every decision they make is because of what they see - and the sooner a player sees something, the quicker he can act.  Improving a player's "field vision", the awareness of everything around him, will help him become a much more dynamic and effective player.

Soccer eyeQ presents a range of innovative exercises, which train and develop the essential skills and habits required for expert field vision.  As a result the players will possess a greater awareness on and off the ball and "see the game" more clearly - enabling them to anticipate the play, make better decisions and do the right thing, at the right time.

Your players really will see more, think quicker and play better!



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