Total Defense with Ray Harford

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Ray Harford combines instructional drills and tactical insight to provide an in depth guide to defensive techniques, both individually and as a team. From the moment of transition, Ray emphasizes: the concepts of pressing immediately upon loss of possession, closing down, speed of approach, body position, communication, defending deep and early in the attacking third.

Defending techniques are examined for several situations including:

  • 1 v 1, 2 v 2, and 3 v 3
  • playing in the Flat Back Four
  • Defending against set pieces
  • a comparison of man-to-man marking and zonal defending.

Individual techniques covered include:

  • forcing and delaying
  • defensive heading and volleying
  • tackling
  • jockeying

Each facet is clearly demonstrated with drills to teach and consolidate the skills and techniques. A must for every coach.

"Ray is one of the outstanding coaches in the English game"
Alan Shearer.

An excellent VIDEO.

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