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This fantastic FULLCOLOUR book is written by Pasquale Casà Basile, a UEFA Pro Licence Coach and a specialist in tactics and team management. Learn how to coach positional play and develop your tactics with the Spanish game model of "Expansive Football" so your team can play effective attacking football.

Through this method of teaching, players are also helped to grow in personality and taught fundamental values such as work rate, competitiveness, teamwork and the desire to win.

This book also provides detailed analysis of 34 different tactical situations and provides 47 practices for you to use when training your team.

There are detailed chapters to outline the "Expansive Football" game model including:

  • Positional Attacking
  • Developing an Effective Attacking Tactical Game
  • Methodologies to Use in Training
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Competitiveness and Desire to Win
  • The Methods of Training
  • Putting the Theory into Practice with "Expansive Football"

Learn How to Effectively Coach Positional play with the Spanish game model of "Expansive Football"

  • 180 Pages
  • 34 Tactical Situations
  • 47 Practices
  • U12-18+ Level

Pasquale Casà Basile (UEFA Pro Licence Coach) has had various roles, including with the Catalan Football Association and RCD Espanyol, where he coordinates, facilitates and develops the work of the youth team coaches, directing the development of tactics and periodization of the Spanish football model.

34 Tactical Situations analysed including:

  • Building Up Play Against the Opposition's High Press (2 Markers)
  • Support Play When the Ball is Out Wide
  • Retaining a Balanced Formation in the Possession Phase
  • The Transition from Attack to Defence

47 practices including:

  • Switching the Point of Attack with Player Movement in the Final Third
  • Quick Combination Play with Positional Inter-Changing of Diagonal Movements
  • Maintaining Possession in the Centre with a Quick Break Attack
  • "Expansive Football" Combination Play in a 7 v 2 Attack vs Defence Practice

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